Mid-Century Home

Mid-Century Renovation

The owner acquired an existing mid-century modern house with the hope of renovating it; however, as the CTA team worked through the project, it became apparent that it was going to be exceedingly difficult to renovate the existing framing to meet current energy codes and structural requirements. The owner and CTA team decided to rebuild the building to its same exterior appearance, with new framing, windows, and envelope, a decision which freed the team to modify the interior configuration to better meet the client’s needs. Working within the original shell configuration, the team has created a new design which speaks to the simplicity of the original mid century house, with large thermally broken steel windows, rift oak paneling, a floor to ceiling casework. The constrained envelope required highly detailed integration of all systems, which the design team worked through in collaboration with the engineers and builder during the design process. When complete, the exterior will match the original design exactly, while the interior will provide a fully contemporary living space inspired by the mid century original. (No exterior renderings or photos are shown to preserve client confidentiality.)