Every project is different. Every client is different. Every house is different. Every budget is different.

The solutions should all be different.

Good solutions share one thing in common – good design. Clear thinking. The tenacity to work to solve the problem until the solution looks so easy that it couldn’t be any other way. It’s simple. But it’s not.

Every homeowner has a different need, different family, different concerns. We believe it’s important to listen to those issues and find a solution that addresses them.

Every existing building, or every plot of land, is different. We believe that we have to understand the building and site in order to find the solution – The materials. The restrictions. The views. The history. Everything.

Every budget is different. Someone once told me that “the most expensive house you can build is the wrong house”. Most people don’t build a lot of houses in their lifetimes, and we want to make sure that, whatever your budget, you don’t build the wrong house.

So every project is different. Every client, every budget, every site, and every one of our solutions is different.

That’s what makes this fun. It’s different, every day.

So, why work with us? We like solving those problems, collaboratively.
We collaborate with owners to find the best solution for them. We collaborate with the builder to find the best building we can – they bring our solutions to life. We don’t drop the drawings with the builder and disappear; we are on site, with the builder, making sure it comes out the way we all want. A builder once
told me: “It costs a dollar to solve a problem on paper. It costs a hundred dollars to solve it in construction, and it costs a thousand dollars to fix it after the fact”. We try to get it all in the drawings. If something comes up during construction, we want to get it then, because it’s too late to get it after you’ve
moved in.

We don’t do cookie cutter houses, our projects don’t all look the same. Sometimes the solution is modern, sometimes it’s a little more traditional, sometimes its highly detailed and other times not – but the common thread in them all is a push to make the solution seem effortless and simple, like there couldn’t be any other solution.

Except yours.

About the founder: Catherine started the firm in 2013, after 15 years at Ann Beha Architects, where she started and ran the residential portion of the practice. She was also involved with some of the firm’s most important preservation projects. She holds a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Dartmouth College. She also completed coursework at the Architectural Association of London’s Graduate Program in Architectural History and Theory. She has
been a critic at many New England architectural schools, has taught at MIT, Northeastern, and the Boston Architectural College, and was a teaching assistant at Yale’s School of Architecture and Department of the History of Art. Previous to settling down to work in an architecture firm, Catherine worked with the National Parks Service Historic American Building Survey and Historic American Engineering Record, at the Museum of Modern Art, at the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, with US/ICOMOS in Split, Croatia, and did post war rebuilding planning in Mostar, Bosnia
and preservation planning in Istanbul, Turkey. She continues to travel, whenever possible, with recent trips to Nepal and Bhutan, Oman, Ecuador, Iran, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Peru.