Nantucket House

Island Renovation and Expansion

CTA has undertaken several phases of renovation to update and expand this early 20th century island home, including complete renovations to the kitchen, sunroom, and second floor bedrooms and bathrooms. Most recently, the entire house and the adjacent garage were lifted off the existing foundations, moved 40 feet along the shore, and set down on new foundations with a full basement of new living space. The expanded basement added three en-suite bedrooms, a TV room, large laundry, pantry, and additional mechanical and storage space—all crucial for an expanding family. The new foundation infrastructure supports a complex masonry and timber structure above, suspending the central brick chimney on a steel platform directly over one of the bedrooms. The project required extensive regulatory review, and construction was fast tracked to meet the tight construction season on the island. The design team was also responsible for all interior finishes and many furnishings.
Photos by Nat Rea, except for kitchen, by Roe Osborne